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Recipe: Nueva Cocina Easy Pumpkin Fiesta Rice Side Dish

Pumpkin Fiesta Rice Recipe

Pumpkin Fiesta Rice Recipe

Here is a creative and healthy Living La Vida DeliciosaTM Latin recipe solution for what to do with all those decorative pumpkins that are still lingering after Halloween.  Use them to  make a delicious entree using one of Nueva Cocina’s delectable Latin rice mixes.


Reprinted with permission


  • 1 Package of Nueva Cocina® Mexican Rice Mix
  • 4 small pumpkins (3 for serving purposes and 1 for recipe ingredient)
  • 1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil
  • Optional: 2 to 3 small pumpkins, depending on serving size, for baking or steaming


Cut pumpkins in half, leaving the rind on.  Remove seeds and strings.  Rub pumpkins with olive oil and some salt. Place halves on baking sheets with rind side up. Place a small amount of water in the pan. Bake for 45 minutes in a 350-degree oven.  If you prefer to steam the pumpkins, place halves in steamer with rind side up. Steam until meat and rind are soft.

Combine 1 Cup of pumpkin meat, peeled and cubed with all the ingredients in a package of the Nueva Cocina® Mexican Rice Mix and follow the cooking directions on the box.  When done, serve the rice in half of a small pumpkin for an excellent presentation and great added texture and flavor.

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Nueva Cocina has an assortment of 17 plus different products featuring authentic recipes from Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Spain, among other Hispanic countries.  The brand is 100% natural, free of MSG and other colorants, and is lower in sodium than most other brands. Nueva Cocina offers fourteen vegetarian and fifteen gluten-free options, and the brand’s Latin Lentil Soup and White Bean Soup were recently named 2011 sofi™ Awards Silver Finalists by the National Association for Specialty Food.

Thank you to Nueva Cocina for providing this recipe

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  1. Xenia @ Thanks, Mail Carrier

    I’ve never tried cooking anything with an actual pumpkin before… let alone eating out of it! I bet that my kids would think that was really cool!

    • admin

      Thanks for the comment! I see you on MomDot occasionally but think that was my first visit to you blog. It’s lovely!

  2. blueviolet

    I would never have thought to combine pumpkin and rice, but that does look good!

    • admin

      Me either! Hey friend….how do you like my new blog? :)

  3. the wicked noodle

    This looks absolutely amazing!