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Halloween Cocktails and Mocktails – Best of the Web 2011

Free Halloween Beverage and Napkin Printables

Free Halloween Beverage and Napkin Printables by

Halloween beverages can be anything from traditional punch to fabulous adult martinis, but one thing they all have in common is color or theme so you know they’re special.  Take inexpensive juice boxes or glass soda bottles and dress them up with free printables you print with your color printer and you’ll have adorable drinks that are ready to serve!

For the adults, kick it up a notch and have drinks that are sure to please with a shot or two of their favorite alcohol.  Just be sure you collect the car keys and have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks for the designated drivers.

drinks good idea for halloween drinks Cutest halloween drinks ever!
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Halloween Party Drinks   Gummy worm ice cubes - infest drinks as they melt...perfect for a halloween punch   Halloween Drinks Buffet
Halloween drinks for kids   Drinks   Halloween Drinks
Interesting Halloween Drinks Cool Halloween drinks
Cute idea for a kids' Halloween party:  drinks for the   halloween drinks   halloween drinks

What do we love most?  The sparkling grape juice with a Halloween label attached.  Kids love the festive bubbles and their own “grown-up” drink.  Try any of the sparkling fruit drinks like apple and peach.  They’ll be a hit.  Our favorite adult Halloween drink?  The Brain Hemorrhage from TangoPango – a mixture of Peach Schnapps, Baileys, and Grenadine that looks like boogers to us.  Let’s see you try to get that one down!

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