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Six Unique and Easy DIY Bathroom Organization Ideas

Fun and unique storage solutions for your bathroom or linen closet. From shabby chic to easy DIY, there’s something that will fit every bathroom decor.  Storage can be stylish and functional, it sometimes just takes a little imagination.

Simple Closet Dividers  Magnets on the back of makeup. Sheets stored in their own pillow cases- genius!
Simple Closet Dividers  Put magnets on the back of your makeup! Store sheet sets in their pillow case
towel rod + gorgeous baskets + clip hooks = GENIUS!!!  could be awesome in my new laundry room Bathroom storage   bathroom storage
 towel rods + baskets + clip hooks! DIY Bathroom storage jars  Plates & crystal candlestick glued together  Leslie Reithmiller onto Crafty Stuff
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  1. manuel

    All links lead to 404 pages…

    • admin

      It seems that when Pinterest changed their terms they redid all their links…fixed now! Thanks for letting me know.